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Trade show leaders

A Super Tool to Help Exhibitors Get More Booth Traffic and Leads

My Press Release Writer inventor Mary Uhrina recognized that more than 75 percent of exhibitors at trade shows do NOT take advantage of the free publicity opportunities that go along with trade show participation because they don’t have a press release. You, as a trade show leader, offer the mechanism for exhibitors to share their news and only a few participate.

What exhibitors say:
“I don’t have time.”
“We don’t have anyone to write it.”
“I don’t know how to write a press release.”

My Press Release Writer is FREE TO TRADE SHOW LEADERS.

Clearly Write will provide a link for use on the show website. Each exhibitor who chooses to use the tool will pay $ 119 via PayPal.

Support Services

As enhancements to My Press Release Writer, we also offer support services including the building of a key publications list for exhibitor use and distribution service to those publications.

Promoting the My Press Release Writer to Exhibitors

Mary offers a webinar on public relations for exhibitors and website content to promote the service. In addition, Mary is happy to take a one-to-one outreach approach with exhibitors who have not participated in past public relations opportunities and personally invite them to make use of the tool.

If I Read It, It Must Be True

“Publicity is far less controllable and takes more time to work than advertising, but has far greater credibility. If I read it, it must be true.” From the book 365 Marketing Meditations: Daily Lessons for Marketing and Communications Professionals, by Larry Smith and Richard Levick. Media coverage that says positive things about your company and products is considered more believable and credible than information in ads.

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Advantages of Working with Mary

  • A show lead reduces first face-to-face meeting cost from $1,039 to $96. (CEIR)

  • 92% of trade show attendees say they are looking for new products. (CEIR)

  • 80% of exhibitors do little or no targeted pre‐show marketing or PR. (CEIR)

  • Face-to-face selling builds relationships and ultimately builds trust

  • 54% of sales from a show lead require three or fewer sales calls to close. (CEIR)

  • 67% of attendees represent a new prospect/potential customer. (Exhibit Surveys)

  • 99% of marketers find unique value in trade shows. (CEIR)

  • 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority.(CEIR)

  • Top 3 exhibitor goals: build brand and relationships, get leads. (Skyline)

  • An attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing exhibits at a show. (Exhibit Surveys)