Social media and smartphones will lead to an increase in illiterate children within a generation, warns Howard Jacobson, a Booker Prize winning author. “We will have children who can’t read, who don’t want to read.”

He believes these technologies are having a damaging effect on children’s language use. He said communication via social media and mobile phones removes the nuance and irony from conversation.
“If Trump doesn’t destroy us in the next year, in the next 20 years, social media will have destroyed us,” he said.

“I can’t read any more as much as I used to,” he added. “My concentration has been shot by this b***** screen. I can’t do it now — I want space, I want white pages, light behind the page.”

Here are seven ways to use communication products and tools to promote your company before and during trade shows.

  1. Get familiar with the exhibitor tools the show provides as part of show services and marketing. It’s usually on the website.
  2. Make sure your company profile is accurate.
  3. Take advantage of everything the show offers for free.
  4. Use the show logos and banners which are also typically online.
  5. Send out customer invitations.
  6. Leverage the power of the press. If the show has a press room or media center make sure to submit press releases.
  7. Promote your company and your booth through social media platforms.


It’s time to take action. Get past the excuses: “We don’t have time.” “We don’t have anyone to write it.” “We don’t know how to write a press release.” Provide solid news. Make friends with the media so they will get to know you, and then talk about you.

The benefits:

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