The stories that have been catching my attention are those taking a thought leadership approach. We’ve grown so accustomed to product, event, new hire/promotion, partnership, and award press releases that thought leadership is a welcome respite.

Thought leadership is a great piece of content marketing that helps establish a brand as an expert in its field and builds credibility for the brand as a trusted source. Fostering positive brand awareness also goes a long way in attracting future loyal consumers and increasing strong search discoverability results down the road. I think back to the beginning of my career and the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey. Brilliant then. Brilliant now.

Here are three examples of brands who I think recently did an outstanding job on this:

Thought leadership pieces, which positioa brand as relevant and as an expert, are great content options says PR giant Cision. They can keep your brand top of mind in journalist headline queues – and hopefully near the top of search page results.

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