A year ago one of my heroes, Mark Albert who was editorial director of Modern Machine Shop, retired. Over the years he taught me many important lessons about machining, but others about life.  

It is this time each year that I revisit his year-end 2016 column on recalibrating for the new year. The holiday noise has started to quiet and it's time for me to take Mark's wise advice as I come off a tough year and step (bravely, I hope) into 2020. 

As Mark so aptly put it, it's a time to adjust my outlook and expectations. Following in his footsteps I am going to choose three words at work and three words at home that will help me reset, or recalibrate. 

These words will hold a place of prominence where I apply my war paint each morning and on my desk when I take a big breath each day as I strive to deliver great work to my clients. These will be my recalibration reminders of important values, goals or principles that can guide me each day. 

My words at home will be Selfcare, Faith, Relationships. At work, the words are Focus, Integrity, Relationships. 

And yes, relationships anchor both home and work because they are the foundation upon which everything else is built. 

This reflection is my start. Even though so much of my time and energy is about others, this is about and for me. For Mark this exercise is meant to keep things lined up and well-ordered in his inner sense of being. My goal is the same. 

Wish me well as I follow my friend's lead.


You can read Mark's 2016 column in its entirety here.

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