dougMy friend Doug Davila who help organizations promote themselves and build relationships with their best prospects, gave me permission to share this with you. It’s a great story!

“A while back, I attended a presentation from the head of digital for a major manufacturer of trucks and construction vehicles. When asked about lessons learned, he said "Speak English." He then referenced how internally they had a specific taxonomy for their vehicles and that was how they were referred to internally and inventoried.

But their customers didn't know and more importantly, didn't care about the taxonomy. After so many fruitless searches for "Dump Trucks" they gave up and went somewhere else. The company quickly corrected this. But the lesson for all of us is to not get so caught up in our technical terms that we forget our customers are looking for solutions. And there's nothing wrong with selling a whole bunch of dump trucks.”

Originally published on June 21, 2018 on LinkedIn

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