The digital age has certainly made it easier to correct typos. Every time I’ve written something that was going to be printed I’ve held my breath.

Just last week I was assembling some press kits for a client to take to a trade show. All of the materials had been printed. The USB drives were being loaded. The call comes, “Mary, I’ve noticed a few typos.” Mind you, those materials had been reviewed by the client numerous times and had been proofread on my end. It turns out the name of the road his business is on was incorrect. I was off the hook because it was wrong on the show website which is where I got it. But nevertheless…it’s that sick-to-your-stomach thing.

My mind wandered to another place after I got off the call. Why does it always feel like an indictment? They never tell you in conjunction with commenting on your subject matter, but as a sole piece of feedback, as if the content had no meaning and no purpose.

Going forward let’s do our best, but focus on that meaning and purpose. Stop the focus on the trivial. Be tolerant and to look at the bigger picture. The search for perfection is noble, but we’re better people if we create meaning.

When people tell me they've found three typos in something I’ve written, I tell them there are actually 7. That drives them berserk. Don't misunderstand, I'm not asking forgiveness for my errors, only tolerance. We all do the best we can.

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