Lots of emphasis gets placed on press releases announcing new products being introduced at a trade show. That’s well and fine, but there are many other topics that can put your company in the media spotlight long before your show new product releases are ready for distribution.

The real key is to think in far broader terms which can take your company publicity efforts beyond show focused new product announcements. A useful rule of thumb is to commit to creating and distributing one news release each month. This schedule keeps your company on the media radar and keeps the media and their readers current. To sustain this effort create a calendar and begin to schedule some topics that come to mind. As you brainstorm topics, it is important to make certain each one is informational, timely and interesting enough to your audiences to be reported upon.

Going beyond the product launch, here are some ideas for other press release topics worth considering:

  • A new company officer or important new hire
  • A business expansion (more space, company move)
  • A new equipment investment or other significant investment in your business that shows you are moving forward
  • An upcoming event (trade show or conference participation, open house)
  • Community involvement (holiday service work or donations, employee participation in volunteer activities
  • A new customer or new order (don’t forget about customer approval on these)
  • A new partnership (here again, don’t forget about approval from your partner)
  • A company milestone such as an anniversary or award
  • New sources of information about your company, products and services including new literature, significant website changes or a new website, a new white paper, a new video, training opportunities, speaker availability, etc.

A final piece of advice is to make sure you can answer “yes” to these questions to ensure that your information is newsworthy:

  1. Is the content timely?
  2. Is it free of advertising hype?
  3. Is it free of the words “you, I, we, etc.” unless those words are inside a quote.
  4. Can you substantiate claims like “best, first, only, etc.”?
  5. Are the spelling and grammar correct?
  6. Have you included valid contact information?

Now that you can see the wide range of possibilities for your monthly press releases, get the jump on your competition and get started!

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