Working with the trade media is like selling to anyone else.  It’s partly about having a good product (your information), part relationship-building and a lot about responsiveness.
Before you make your “sales call” know what is news, get to know your audience and be clear on what they are interested in. Read both print and online versions and learn what topics different editors or writers cover. Get to know the bloggers in your space. You may even want to develop a contact management system for your editorial “customers.”  
Be clear on what you are offering – a case study/customer success story, an individual for as an interview candidate on a timely topic, a technical article or an invitation to an event at the show, etc.  Then, craft a short email explaining what you have to offer and follow it up with a phone call a day or two later to answer any questions.  When you call, let the editor or writer know that you are always available as a resource.  If you do this, make certain you are really willing to be a resource and be responsive.  When you are a reliable and knowledgeable resource, you will get called time and time again for information, interviews, articles and photos.

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