When it comes to press (aka news) releases for trade shows, the focus is typically on new product announcements. Think about taking your company publicity efforts beyond IMTS and other shows in which you may participate, and commit to creating and distributing one news release each month. Going beyond the product launch, there are other press release topics worth considering.

“Breaking” News Release
It may not be a robbery or shooting, but the goal of using a press release to announce breaking news is to generate interest, coverage and exposure for your company. For example, if your company or an employee wins an award, or you have other some news about the company such as a revamped website, new social media presence, a partnership, or you do something positive that impacts the community you should create and distribute a news release.

An Executive or Staff Announcement News Release
An executive or staff announcement news release is what you send when there are staff changes in the company, particularly if these changes involve senior management. But, it is nice to make a general practice of announcing new hires and promotions. Not only does it have news value, it makes people feel good. These news releases can contain biographical information to support the announcement information, as well as a photo of the subject.

The Literature/Resource Release
If you, or someone within your company, have developed a new piece of sales literature, written a white paper, created a video or given a presentation, consider using a news release to announce its availability. Make sure to include a link to your website it that’s where the resource will reside, or tell the reader how to obtain the resource you are offering.

Expert Positioning News Release
An expert positioning release is intended to spotlight your company as the expert on or resource for a given topic. It can focus on a company report and include statistics or results. Or it might be a commentary of legislative action that impacts your business. It may also include news from another organization and other supporting information. This is an ideal tool to showcase expertise in a subject area.

The Event News Release
An event news release clearly tells members of the media the 5Ws -- who, what, when, where and why. An event press release typically looks like a list or outline rather than paragraphs. It could be an open house at your company, your participation in an industry event, or even attendance at a job fair.

Now that you can see the wide range of possibilities for your monthly news releases, jot down some ideas and get started!

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