As a public relations expert and marketer I subscribe to many newsletters, blogs and publications. All of these come with invitations to webinars. What I love is that there is so much valuable available for free. What I hate is the beginning and the end. The beginning so often is the “here’s why I’m important and you should listen to me.” The end is the pitch to buy something. Somewhere in the middle are some good take-aways. Most of the time an hour session could have been

To all of you webinar stars: I wouldn’t have signed up and showed up if I thought you lacked credibility. And, if you back off on the pitch and just make the offer simple, I’m more likely to buy.
My webinar promise to the My Press Release Writer Community: I will introduce myself and give you a few words on what I do and why I am good at it. Then the good stuff. At the end I will make an offer for you to use My Press Release Writer and show you where to find it. Nothing more. And, it won’t take an hour!

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