There’s been a seismic shift in the Chicago media landscape and my head is reeling. The Chicago Tribune, which was recently purchased by the evil Alden Global Capital, has been gutted. We all knew this would come. I dreaded it. For me, it’s like losing family members.

At my gym the shiny young manager called me a dinosaur because I wasn’t interested in functional fitness (I don’t need to pay Lifetime Fitness to me do something akin to getting on my hands and knees to scrub the floor).

Maybe I am a dinosaur, but I might be a happy dinosaur when it comes to digital vs. print reading.

I’m going to learn to play the piano. I attended a webinar about learning to play without having to read sheet music. I looked around on Facebook Marketplace and found a free piano. Now I’ve got a guy to move it.

It seems like there are currently three ways to get the attention for our messages. Be shocking, hilarious or authentic.

Unless you are the National Enquirer or a stand-up comic, it seems like authenticity is the wise choice for brands. Offering a low price, touting availability and good customer service, or even being loud, just aren’t enough. Consumers aren’t just looking for value, they’re closely looking at your values—and examining what you do about them, not just what you talk about. So, one of the best ways a company can differentiate itself from the competition is by demonstrating that it is adhering to those values and its core purpose in everything it does.

The stories that have been catching my attention are those taking a thought leadership approach. We’ve grown so accustomed to product, event, new hire/promotion, partnership, and award press releases that thought leadership is a welcome respite.

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