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The press release is still the single most powerful method for getting free publicity for your products, services and company.

Mary Uhrina, inventor of My Press Release Writer, is a veteran writer, media relations pro and marketer, who recognized the need for a tool to create press releases for companies who cannot afford a PR agency and don’t have in-house staff to them. Mary set out to create an easy-to-use, budget-friendly tool that anyone (not just trade show exhibitors) can use.

All users need to do is answer simple questions online. Once completed and submitted, the data on the form launches to the Clearly Write service bureau where the data merges into a press release template that has logic embedded to produce sentences that make sense. The final step is a quick review by a qualified editor for quality assurance.

Mary (who has written thousands of press releases in her career) or one of her team of qualified editors reviews and final edits each press release before it is returned to you. You are assured a high quality release that complies with Associated Press editorial style standards.

Don’t wait to capitalize on the opportunity to see your products and services highlighted for FREE.

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First introduced by Clearly Write in 2008 as the Virtual Press Release Writer, the tool has been used successfully by trade show exhibitors participating in IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show, the International Home + Housewares Show and Promat.

Now My Press Release Writer is available for anyone who wants to create a press release and take advantage of free publicity.

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